REDS at Mugga Mugga

Renewable Energy Demonstration Site Projecting the Cobber to the World

Village or homestead scale, biomass fuelled, combined heat and power station

The Cobber delivers multiple renewably fuelled energy services on demand – rotary mechanical power, hot water, steam, hot air for drying or space heating and electricity.

Uniflow owns workshop secrets, know how and patents covering Australia, the USA, China, India, Brazil, the UK and the nine largest industrial economies in the EU.

CHP – Using the heat produced while also making electricity results in highly efficient use of the fuel, potentially greater than 60% end use efficiency.

Kilowatt scale biomass fuelled energy, in a highly efficient CHP arrangement, is both a practical and sustainable way to displace fossil fuels.

Canberra is the perfect location to market the Cobber to providing ready access to;

  • Australian government agencies engaged in development and poverty alleviation;
  • The diplomatic community and representatives of developing country markets
  • International delegations from global development banks
  • Australian and global NGOs.

Mugga Mugga Heritage Farm Complex is the perfect location for REDS providing;

  • Close co-operation with the ACT Government and its programs
  • Easy access to REDS for both official visitors and the Canberra community

Uniflow Canberra Engineering Centre

  • REDS at Mugga Mugga becomes the cornerstone communication asset of Uniflow Power’s future.
  • International partners will be invited to collaborate in the Canberra Engineering Centre.
  • The extensive small-scale combustion engineering expertise in Canberra will be engaged to improve combustion controls and reduce emissions.
  • European and US licensing opportunities to be crystalised will involve bringing potential licencees to Canberra for hands on work on the technology.

The machine we imagined

The machine we built

Uniflow Power’s Cobber is truly a platform technology with numerous potential applications and product spin-offs developments and tools.

The Power House being constructed besides Curley’s Cottage, together making up the Renewable Energy Demonstration Site showcasing Cobber CHP at REDS.

Heating circuits layout Curley’s Cottage

REDS at Mugga Mugga Dec 2020 update

The basic structure is complete which required engineer approved plans and heritage clearance. Further work is now to line the shed, install plumbing integrated to the cottage, install a storage battery, IP cameras, lighting and sound to allow on line demonstrations. NBN is connected.

A small group of investors have supported the development and testing of several prototypes of the generator.