About us

Uniflow Power was created by a Board of Directors passionate about renewable energy, and a group of investors dedicated to breathing life into this vision.

Uniflow Power was first incorporated in order to acquire the global and exclusive rights to all of the technology, inventions, and intellectual property of the late Ted Pritchard. 

A small group of investors have supported the development and testing of several prototypes of the generator. Uniflow is accepting investment as we progress through product finalization towards manufacture.

The Directors

Michael Mccann

Managing Director

Michael McCann has had a lifetime involvement in the development of sustainable technology and processes, and has worked across the Australian energy sector for 30 years since being a founding member of Canberra based energy efficiency specialists, Energy Partners, in 1991.

Michael has been an active investor and hands on developer of new technology and systems for most of his professional life and began working on the core technology that underpins the Cobber, alongside the inventor, in 2005.

Sylvia Tulloch

Non Executive Director

Sylvia Tulloch is a materials scientist (UNSW) with many years experience in the establishment and management of advanced technology businesses. She was the founding managing director of the solar company Dyesol (ASX.DYE), and is now Chairman of Zeotech (ASX.ZEO).

Sylvia has been on the boards of several cleantech industry associations. She was a member of the Future Manufacturing Industries Innovation Council, and chaired its working group on Capital for Innovative Companies. She has been on several government Boards advising on the allocation of grants for renewable energy companies, and was a judge for the Australian Technology Competition.

As Chair of Griffin Accelerator Holdings and a member of the CBRIN Board, she is an active member of the Canberra innovation ecosystem. Companies in which Sylvia is a shareholder, angel investor and Director include: Lava Blue, an advanced materials company with a mine-to-market business plan for hgih purity minerals; Balance Mat, commercialising fibre optic sensor systems for measuring balance; and Sundrive Solar, which is developing next generation conductor systems for photovoltaics.

Dr Philip Hutchinson

Director And Company Secretary

Dr Philip Hutchinson has extensive experience in the fields of environment and finance. His work has ranged from economic and market research, lecturing and academic in landscape architecture, practicing landscape architect, and public servant including with the Department of Finance and Environment Australia.  

He has studied widely and holds a PhD in Environmental Design. He has graduate diplomas in Financial Planning, and Resource and Environmental Management – and a Bachelor of Science majoring in mathematics.   

Most recently, Philip worked with Lawrance Private Wealth, undertaking market and economic research, and taking responsibility for the firm’s compliance processes as the firm moved to self-licence. 

Philip is on the board of Regional Development Australia (ACT).

The Team

Hedley Nelson

Operations Manager

Hedley has a multifaceted professional background, spanning both technical and creative sectors.

For several years Hedley worked in the family Refrigeration and Industrial Catering Equipment business, working with large scale systems, complex control electronics, and sophisticated mechanical equipment. As a result, he is confident in systems-thinking, meeting client’s needs and identifying and solving technical issues.

He also worked extensively in the Film and Advertising industry with high end companies and for major brands such as Loreal, Coles, Mitsubishi, Ford, Subway and Netflix. He adapted easily to perform a wide range of logistical and management roles and became a trusted and sought-after freelancer.

His unique blend of technical, creative and project management skills make him the perfect Operations Manager in our evolving company. Hedley’s responsibilities include technology demonstration, product development, website management, content creation and media relations.

If you can light a fire, you can make power.