Uniflow Power was created by successful investors and an experienced Board of Directors with a track record in identifying and commercialising new technology in Australia and internationally.

Uniflow Power Limited was incorporated in November 2009 for the purpose of acquiring Pritchard Power Systems Pty Ltd (PPS) the company that held the original global and exclusive licence for all of the Pritchard technology and inventions. The acquisition was completed in January 2010.

A small group of investors have supported the development and testing of two prototypes of the generator, followed by a production development model, and invested in the extension of patent protection and development of other forms of IP over the course of the past few years. The Company hasd won two Commercialisation Australia grants which have been used to cost various approaches to production, develop a financial model of manufacturing and build the production development model.

The next step is to establish a pilot production line and set up a number of demonstration sites. At the same time Uniflow is actively seeking opportunities to licence the technology to suitable international companies with the capacity to commercialise the Uniflow Generator in particular territories.

Uniflow will also aim to expand its investor base in territories where it expects strong interest in its products and the company's prospects for growth. In particular, the very strong interest in the generator experienced from North America the emerging markets of Southeast Asia are is seen as presenting such an opportunity.

It is estimated that more than 200,000 homes in the USA along are going off the grid every year, preferring to become self-reliant for energy and produce their own power. The majority of these houses are investing in a mix of solar panels, battery storage, biomass heating, solar hot water and diesel, gas or petrol generators. Uniflow Power has already received hundreds of enquiries from people interested in integrating our technology into small, óff-grid hybrid power systems like these, and believes that the US and Canadian markets could provide strong early sales in a technologically very competent market.

The emerging markets of South East Asia also have some particularly attractive ‘sweet spots’ where conditions make a Uniflow Generator a competitive and sensible choice.To cite an example, For instance Uniflow believes the Philippines is one of the natural markets for the S5000, as it has the second highest electricity charges in Asia and includes large numbers of communities where the only power is provided by diesel fuelled generators. Delivering power to rural areas is particularly challenging and expensive in this country of 7,000 islands.