Mr Michael McCann is an environmental entrepreneur who has been involved in new technology and renewable energy for more than two decades. As new business manager for leading Canberra-based energy and greenhouse consulting firm Energy Strategies (1996 – 2008), Michael was closely involved in Australian energy markets at a time when energy efficiency and renewable energy markets developed rapidly. His close relationship with Mr Ted Pritchard led to his being a director of the stationary engine project from its instigation. Michael has operated his own consulting company, Thinkwell Australia Pty Ltd, since 2005 and has interests in a number of clean tech companies.

Michael's breadth of experience in business and his extensive networks in the energy sector in Australia and internationally will be fully utilized in the commercialization of the Uniflow technology.



John spent 25 years working with major banks and investment banks, in a range of roles primarily across the fixed income and interest rate derivative markets in Australia, the UK, Hong Kong and Japan. He was head of the NAB’s Australian fixed income trading operations for 5 years, before spending 12 years at UBS in a range of roles and locations. John has advised and worked directly on investment and portfolio management strategies with many of the world’s largest fund managers, central banks and hedge funds.

John was then a Director of Wandana Investments, investing in, raising capital for and providing advice and mentoring to a wide range of early stage or start up businesses.

John is currently a Director and Company Secretary of Grow Green Pty Ltd, and Honorary Treasurer of University College, a major residential college attached to the University of Melbourne. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Melbourne.



Ms Sylvia Tulloch is a highly respected scientist in the fields of sustainability and clean technology within the Australian and international community. She was founding Managing Director of Dyesol Ltd and is the named inventor of several of the company's patents. Sylvia is a materials scientist with over 25 years of experience in the establishment and management of high technology businesses, with a particular interest in the commercialisation process. And is currently on the boards of several start-up companies.

Sylvia is currently an investor mentor in the Griffin Acclerator, a past member of the ACT governments Innovation Connect grant committee. She was formerly a member of the Future Manufacturing Industries Innovation Council, President of the

Sustainable Energy Industries Association of Australia, Chair of the Renewable Energy Action Agenda Implementation Group, a Director of the Australian Business Council for Sustainable Energy and a member of the Australian government’s Clean Technology Investment Committee.