Uniflow Power was created by successful investors and an experienced Board of Directors

Uniflow Power was incorporated for the purpose of acquiring the global and exclusive rights for all of the technology, inventions and intellectual property of the late Ted Pritchard. A small group of investors have supported the development and testing of several prototypes of the generator and are now planning manufacturing of this unique Australian offering to renewable energy markets.

The first commercial product will be a low cost, stand-alone CHP generator designed for manual operation in rural and small workshop situations.

The next step towards commercialisation is to establish a pilot production line and set up a number of demonstration sites. At the same time Uniflow is actively seeking opportunities to licence the technology to suitable international companies with the capacity to commercialise the Cobber in particular territories. The emerging markets of South East Asia also have some particularly attractive ‘sweet spots’ where conditions make the Cobber a competitive and sensible choice. For instance Uniflow believes the Philippines is one of the natural markets for the Cobber, as it has one of highest average electricity costs in Asia and includes large numbers of communities where the only power is provided by diesel fuelled generators.

Many enquiries for the first generation Cobber from rural areas of developed economies have also been received.

It is estimated that more than 200,000 homes in the USA go off the grid every year, preferring to become self-reliant for energy and produce their own power. The majority of these houses are investing in a mix of solar panels, battery storage, biomass heating, solar hot water and diesel, gas or petrol generators. Uniflow Power has already received hundreds of enquiries from people interested in integrating our technology into small, óff-grid hybrid power systems like these, and believes that the US and Canadian markets could provide strong early sales for a second generation product.

The Directors

Michael Mccann

Managing Director

Michael McCann has had a lifetime involvement in the development of sustainable technology and processes, and has worked across the Australian energy sector for 30 years since being a founding member of Canberra based energy efficiency specialists, Energy Partners, in 1991.

Michael has been an active investor and hands on developer of new technology and systems for most of his professional life and began working on the core technology that underpins the Cobber, alongside the inventor, in 2005.

Sylvia Tulloch

Non Executive Director

Sylvia Tulloch is a materials scientist (UNSW) with many years experience in establishment and management of advanced technology business. She was the founding Managing Director of solar company Dyesol (ASX.DYE), and is now Chairman of Zeotech (ASX.ZEO).

Sylvia has been on the Boards of several Cleantech industry associations. She was a member of the Future Manufacturing Industries Innovation Council, and chaired its working group on Capital for Innovative Companies. She has been on several government Boards advising on the allocation of grants for renewable energy companies, and was a judge for the Australian Technology Competition.

As Chair of Griffin Accelerator Holdings and a member of the CBRIN Board, she is an active member of the Canberra innovation ecosystem. Companies in which Sylvia is a shareholder, angel investor and Director include Lava Blue, an advanced materials company with a mine-to market business plan for high purity minerals, Balance Mat, commercialising fibre optic sensor systems for measuring balance, and Sundrive Solar, which is developing next generation conductor systems for photovoltaics.

John Mathieson

Director And Company Secretary

John Mathieson has enjoyed a long and diverse career in financial markets and subsequently in the development of early-stage venture capital businesses.

A specialist for twenty five years in fixed income and interest rate derivative markets and products, John worked in senior positions across Australasia, Asia and the UK with major banks and investment banks including UBS and NAB, with roles including heading up trading desks and working directly on investment and portfolio management strategy with many of the world’s largest fund managers, central banks and hedge funds.

Since leaving UBS, John has engaged in a broad range of undertakings, including capital raising, investment, management and Board membership with a variety of early-stage businesses, including Uniflow Power.

John has also spent 11 years on the Council of University College, a major residential college for students at the University of Melbourne, including 7 years as Chair of the Finance Committee.

A small group of investors have supported the development and testing of several prototypes of the generator.