Practical Renewable Energy

Uniflow Power Ltd is an unlisted public company based in Perth, Western Australia, dedicated to commercialising a new renewable energy technology, the Uniflow Generator, a simple, small-scale biomass fuelled steam engine.

Uniflow Power is planning the pilot production run of the Uniflow Generator, a small scale, biomass fuelled, combined heat and power, 5kW generator. A production demonstration model has been built and is being used as a test bed for continuing work on performance of various fuels, improving insulation, improving ease of energy off takes such as hot water and distilled water. Hundreds of enquiries have already been received from all over the world for this simple but revolutionary approach to creating electricity using simple, highly efficient direct combustion of woody fuels and waste, such as coconut husk or sawdust..

Uniflow Generator V2

For more than 2.5 billion people around the world firewood, or other biomass, is the main source of fuel for heating and cooking. Many of this population also have no electricity, or live on ‘poor grids’ ie they do not have reliable electricity. ‘Poor Grid’ communities are likely to be the best early markets for first generation product. However there are also millions of households in colder climates in developed nations who still use biomass for some or all of their heating – a second generation product will be designed for the developed world to use fuel pellets and natural gas dual fuel.

Global investment in solid biomass fuelled power systems was estimated at a relatively modest $10.6 billion although this does not capture investment in pellet fuelled and biomass fuelled heating systems It is also notable that the majority of the USD 100 billion estimated to have been spent on photovoltaic systems was in the smaller power output range (<10kWp), at the same scale of electrical production as the Uniflow Generator. The difference is that the Uniflow Generator will make that power if the sun is shining or not, at any time of the day or night or year, along with at least 20kWth for hot water production and space heating. . Uniflow is exploring all commercial options for launching its small biomass fuelled technology onto the market including licencing and joint ventures.

Industrial design for the exterior of the first commercial model of the Uniflow 5kW solid fuel generator. Industrial design for the exterior of the first commercial model of the Uniflow 5kW solid fuel generator.

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